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Botanical garden of the Charles University Science Faculty

Greenhouse entrance

Adress: Na Slupi 16, Praha 2, 128 00

E-mail: botazah [at] natur.cuni.cz

Tel: 221 95 18 83

Greenhouse ticket office tel. 221 95 18 85


Ing. Ladislav Pavlata, tel.: 221 95 18 79, e-mail: lpavlata [at] natur.cuni.cz,

room: 103, Na Slupi 16

Botanical garden at mapy.cz


Mgr. Romana Štěpánková, tel.: 221 95 18 83, e-mail: botazah [at] natur.cuni.cz

room:101, Na Slupi 16

Invoicing address:

Charles University

Faculty of Science

Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2

Public advice sessions

Tuesday 10am-12am (except for public holiday)

Mgr. Tomáš Procházka, e-mail: tomas.prochazka [at] natur.cuni.cz, Ing. Zdeněk Šípek, e-mail: zdenek.sipek [at] natur.cuni.cz

Na Slupi 16, ground floor 2nd door on the right (door number 104)

Praha 2


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